Iinuma Honke., K.K.

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(Shisui-cho, Chiba Prefecture)

Iinuma Honke was originated in the Genroku years of the Yedo Period, thus making the brewery one of the historical one not only in the Prefecture, but also in Japan. The characteristics of this brewery is that while it has been preserving the 300-year old tradition, the brewer is still assiduously working hard day by day in an effort to making tasty rice wine with the motto of harmony of defense and assault by introducing the most recent mechanization system endowed with enterprising spirit. In the recent years additionally it has increased by using the local rice from the Chiba Prefecture. Another feature of this brewer is milling rice in-house. By not outsourcing the important milling process, it is possible to fine-tune the important process of shaving grains of rice.

(Magariya L-shaped House)

it is located at the entrance of store-house where visitors taste rice wine, purchase wine and all types of souvenir goods and take snacks and meals.

Upstairs is a gallery on a rental basis to enable local creators to exhibit their pieces of art or events relating to rice wine.

The ancient established family structure which used to be in afar Niigata Prefecture was relocated here. “Magariya” is traditional farm house in the cold

region so named as the main house is shaped in letter “L”when you look at the house where dirt floor, barn and stable are.

Iinuma Honke., K.K.
106 Usui Baba, Inba-gun, Chiba Prefecture
Phone 043-496-1111
About 30 minutes fro JR Narita Station on the Narita Line by taxi
or about 15-minute walk from Minami-Shisui Station on the JR Subu Line